Services for a fabulous stay

You’re off to a great start

Had a long and tiring day of travel? We know just how you feel. No worries! Our services are here to help. First is parking. We offer free private parking on the Cascina terrain for your convenience.

Second is getting settled. No stress, just unpack and relax. We say hello, we hand over the keys to your suite and let you unpack and fresh up. In the mean time we prepare an Italian welcome aperitivo.

Third is relaxing and unwinding whilst we get acquainted over welcome drinks and a snack. This is Italy! Your holiday has officially started.

Have a swim and relax poolside

What is a summer holiday without a swimming pool? Exactly. Ours is 12m long, 4m wide and 1.4m deep and has a wonderful shallow end. Perfect for tanning and relaxing! There is also an outdoor shower to rinse off sun lotions before cooling down in the swimming pool.

Once you are in the pool you will understand what we mean with relax and enjoy. Sit on the tanning plate, a glass of wine at arms length enjoying the view. From the pool you have a view across the Monferrato Hills right onto the Alps.

Enjoy the sun, the water, the silence, the sounds of nature and the garden whilst you relax. Pick a seating area, there are several to choose from. One thing is for sure. Once you are here, you’ll never want to leave.

Services included with your stay

Welcome aperitivo

At arrival we welcome new guests with an aperitivo. Relax after a long journey and let your holiday begin.

Continental breakfast 1

We love breakfast, it really starts of the day. Enjoy yours at our large table outside or, in case of rain, in the kitchen.

Una dolce sorpresa

John likes to bake, therefor sometimes we surprise guests with, for example, a small dolce. Enjoy Italy’s sweet side!

Daily light cleaning 2 & 3

We give the suites a light cleaning daily (except Sundays). Linens and pool towels are changed every four days.

Additional paid services

Drinks & Cocktails 4

We have a selection of wines, drinks and cocktails available, just ask. A list of drinks is provided in your suite.

Dinner evening 5

An evening of good conversation and food & wine whilst getting acquainted at our large dinner table. Cin Cin!

Masseur massages man on rooftop terrace in the hills

Massage 6 & 7

John is a professional masseur. Enjoy a sport massage or relax massage on our rooftop terrace with amazing views.

Yoga, Pilates & Meditation 8

Additionally we offer yoga, pilates and meditation sessions at Cascina GianTino. A flyer is provided in the suite.

Breakfast for an energetic start

We love a good breakfast! Fresh orange juice, water, tea and coffee (cappuccino anyone?) a yoghurt made with fruit, nuts, cereal and love, and, of course, “Italian dolce” (croissants or cake). Plus home made delicious bread and jams. Sunday is lazy sunday so we offer breakfast a little later.

The kitchen closes at 11:00. If circumstances require you to have an earlier breakfast, please let us know. We will try to accomodate. Early breakfast consist of bread rolls with jam, a simple yoghurt and an americano.

Breakfast is served from 09:30 to 11:00 | Sundays from 10:00 to 11:30.

Sharing soul food and stories

In Italy only Mamma and Nonna can cook authentic Italian, so we will never pretend to do so. We do like cooking the Italian way, meaning local products, pure flavours, ingredients follow the seasons and lots of passion for cooking!

Our dinners are not only about food but also about meeting people and having friendly conversation. It is a great opportunity to mix and get to know each other. We love making new friends and we hope our family of likeminded men will grow over the coming years.

Dinner evenings are held from 20:00 to 22:30 (approximately).


  1. On Sundays, we serve a lazy breakfast from 10:00. ↩︎
  2. Towel re-use is part of our commitment to nature. They can however be changed on request if needed. ↩︎
  3. Suites are not cleaned on Sundays, only dishes and cutlery are replaced. ↩︎
  4. Drinks and cocktails are available on request and charged separately. Various options are available, just ask. ↩︎
  5. The dinner service is available on request and charged separately. Various options are available, just ask. Please inform us of any dietary requirements you might have. ↩︎
  6. The massage service is available on request and charged separately. Various options are available, just ask. ↩︎
  7. For your safety and ours, we ask about any medical conditions to make sure you can safely have a massage. ↩︎
  8. Yoga, pilates and meditation sessions are available on request and charged separately. Various options are available, just ask. Clothing required. ↩︎