Say Yes to Green!

Your stay at Cascina GianTino contributes to the green revolution in the hospitality industry. We are firmly committed to innovations that help keep our planet green and sustainable.

Insulation, heatpump and low temperature heating

The Cascina is completely wrapped in insulation. This ensures that the building stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Our heatpump provides hot (shower) water daily whilst reducing energy consumption. Plus all our energy is generated by our own solar installation.

Insulation, shutters and special double glazing keep out the heat during summer days. We rely on mother nature rather than air conditioning to provide a cool evening breeze on warmer summer nights.

The low temperature heating combined with insulation and glazing provides comfortable warmth in the cooler season whilst greatly reducing energy consumption.

Using the power of the sun

Our solar installation is ultramodern using high quality SolarEdge components and a Tesla battery. This allows us to generate (green) electrical energy and contributes to a sustainable planet.

During the day solar energy is produced and used by the house and the swimming pool. What is not used is stored in the battery or provided to the grid.

By storing energy in the battery during the day we can re-use that energy at night. You can sleep comfortably knowing that our battery provides green power to the house, the heatpump and in the future a jacuzzi.

Reduced use of water and plastics

Any contribution, large or small, will make a difference. We have implemented various techniques and will continu to do so to reduce the use of water and plastics at our guesthouse.

Microdrip irrigation of the garden

Over 600 plants are connected to our microdrip irrigation system, drastically reducing water usage.

Water sprinklers are only used for our lawn when needed and run at night to prevent water evaporation.

Watersaving showers, taps and more

All our showers and taps are fitted with watersaving shower heads and nozzles to reduce water consumption.

All our appliances (e.g. fridges, coffee machines, dishwashers) are water and energy efficient.

Jacuzzi1 with water filtering system

Did you know that a hottub must be refreshed after use, wasting almost 1000 litres?

Our jacuzzi will have a cover to prevent evaporation and a water filtering system that allows water re-use with minimal waste.

Limited use of disposable gloves

Top restaurants have discovered that using gloves whilst preparing food is actually less hygenic than washing hands.

We don’t use any disposable gloves in the kitchen but rather wash our hands repeatedly during the service.

Reduced use of plastic water bottles

To further reduce plastics we decided to use glass water bottles. The brand we use enforce strict sustainability practises.

Crates and bottles require a deposit and are re-used. At the end of their life they are 100% recycled.

And much more…

  • No plastic straws used for drinks
  • No plastic cutting boards used in food preparation
  • No plastic disposables used for food & drinks (e.g. single use cups)
  • Paper bags used where possible

Furthermore, we review our practises quarterly and keep innovating!

  1. The jacuzzi has been ordered, hopefully delivered end of May 2024, but this is Italy… ↩︎

How you can contribute

On behalf of the planet: thank you!

Simple and effective

  • We change your linens and pool towels every four days, as required by local laws.
  • You can change other towels on request as part of our commitment to nature.
  • Help us collect your waste to separate, dispose of, and recycle it according to local regulations.
  • Use less (hot) shower water. The energy and water consumption is then reduced.
  • Use electricity and/or water sensibly, particularly the water during the dry season.

“Whilst you enjoy a well deserved holiday, we provide a sustainable service to both you and the planet.”

Photo of the owner of Cascina GianTino

John Coret

Cascina GianTino

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